Campus Map

To navigate inside the Hospital, to find the department or your physician's office, please view the Campus Map.

Virginia Hospital Center is divided into three zones to help you find your way: Zone A, Zone B, and Zone C.
(1625 Building)

Destination - Floor
- G
Cardiac/Cath Lab - 1
Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation - 1
Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Associates - 2
Cardiovascular ICU - 2
Cashier - G
Chapel - G
Classrooms - 1
Clinical Decision Unit (Patient Rooms 130-142) - 1
EKG/Sleep Lab - 1
Emergency Department - G (parking is available)
Executive Offices - 1
Gift Shop - G
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - 2
Interventional Radiology - G
Lobby A (Information Desk) - G
Medical Offices 300–399 - 3
Medical Offices 400–499 - 4
Outpatient Rehabilitation - 1
Parking A Elevators - G
Patient Rooms 500–545 - 5
Patient Rooms 600–645 - 6
Patient Rooms 700–745 - 7
Patient Rooms 800–845 - 8
Pre-Operative Screening - G
Radiology - G
Radiology (Nuclear Medicine) - G
Radiology (Women’s Imaging Center) - G
Surgery Center - 2

Enter off George Mason Drive and turn right, pass the Parking B lot on your left. Proceed to the Parking A and take the elevator up to the Main Lobby. A concierge desk is available for assistance.

(1635 Building)

Destination - Floor
Behavioral Health Unit
- G
Conference Center - 1
Executive Health - 1
Food Court - 1
GI Services - 2
Lobby B (Information Desk) - 1
Medical Offices 100-190 - 1
Medical Offices 200-290 - 2
Medical Offices 300-390 - 3
Medical Offices 400-490 - 4
Outpatient Lab - 1
Outpatient Pharmacy - 1
Parking B Elevator - 1
Radiology (CT/MRI) - G

Enter at the Conference Center/Women & Infant Health entrance off George Mason Drive and turn right into the surface parking lot in front of the Zone B, 1635 building. An underground parking garage, Parking B, is available from this lot for additional parking. A concierge desk is available for assistance.

(1701 Building)
(1715 Building)

Destination - Floor
Bridge Walkway to Medical Offices C - 1
Cancer Resource Center - G
Classrooms 1-5 - 1
Gift Shop - 1
Human Resources - G
Inpatient Rehab (Patient Rooms 220-239) - 2
Labor & Delivery - 3
Lobby C (Information Desk) - 1
Medical Records -1
Mother & Baby (Patient Rooms 300-350) - 3
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - 2
Outpatient Infusion - G
Pathology - 1
Patient Rooms 444-457 - 4
Public Affairs & Marketing - 1
Radiation Oncology - G
Recovery & Wellness/Inpatient Addiction Treatment
(Patient Rooms 244-256)
- 2
Teal Center -1
Virginia Cancer Specialists (Outpatient Oncology) - G
Virginia Hospital Center Foundation - 1
Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Center - G

Enter at either one of the Women & Infant Health entrances off George Mason Drive and pass the Rose Benté Lee Ostapenko Outpatient Oncology Center, proceed straight to the Parking C. A concierge desk is available for assistance.


Spiritual Services
The Thomas J. Offutt Interfaith Chapel is available at all times. Zone A/Floor G.

Food Court
The Food Court offers meals, snacks, assorted beverages and a Subway Restaurant. Zone B/Floor 1.

Starbucks Café
The Café offers Starbucks beverages, light meals, and snacks. Zone A/Lobby A/ Floor G.

Gift Shops
Our Volunteers proudly staff our shops and all of the proceeds benefit patient care. Main Gift Shop: Zone A/Lobby A/Floor G. Gift Shop for Women & Infant Health: Zone C/Lobby C/Floor 1.

Outpatient Pharmacy
Serving both patients and visitors, the Outpatient Pharmacy provides prescription services, immunizations and vaccines, advice and counseling, and a variety of over-the-counter products. Zone B/Floor 1 next to the Food Court.

Caring for Our Community
A gift to support our Foundation directly improves the health of our community.

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